Is your Brand lost and drifting?

Don’t worry, we can find the right direction.

What’s more, we can help you to keep it on track.

Productive research for brand and service design

We produce research projects for brand and service experience that are profitable for your business. All projects will be adapted to client’s needs and resources.

Our research services provide

  • a development plan to highlight strengths and remove weaknesses
  • instruments to measure brand and service experience
  • a program to design brand identity and improve service experience
  • a survey of new brand driven businesses

We have developed three flexible research concepts for different requirements.


With BRANDEX we evaluate the brand in business development perspective. As a result we present a proposal of new business models and possibilities.


REDEX is a three-step development tool especially for SME companies. As a result we create a new brand strategy, design the brand elements and take care of its realization in the main touch points.


VIDEX reveals the weaknesses and strengths of the brand. The method produces a development plan with a list of concrete actions.

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April 22, 2016

New Brand Identity for

HND has designed a new visual identity for a car sales brand The design work is based on REDEX project.

April 12, 2016

HND taking Finnish Businesses to Iran

HND is participating a project group to scan possibilities for Finnish businesses to Iranian Market. The group includes different Finnish and international business and marketing experts. The project is directed by Vihdas Oy.

March 11,2016

New Brand Identity for Vihdas Oy

International business and development company Vihdas has a new visual identity designed by HND. At the same time Vihdas and HND are continuing cooperation in branding and communication.

March 1,2016

HND developing digital service research

HND has started a project to develop new research tools in developing digital services. The project s focused on municipality services. The partner in the project is More Mobile Relations Finland Oy, Vihdas Oy as well design students from Aalto University.

February 4, 2016

New Brand Identity for Elämäntalo Oy

HND has designed a new visual identity for a care home Elämäntalo Oy. The design work is based on REDEX project. The new identity was introduced when Elämäntalo moved to new premises in Espoo.

January 11, 2016

New Brand Identity for Niitty-Nummen Hoitokoti

HND has designed a new visual identity for a care home Niitty-Nummen Hoitokoti Oy. The design work is based on REDEX project.